Human Resources and Labor Solutions

We specialized and responsible in providing human capital management advisory services to businesses, Helps companies develop and communicate policies, train employees and implement a recruitment process and we are dedicated in preventing solving DOLE and NLRC predicaments.


Advise companies on best human capital management practices

Facilitate the importance of CODE of Conduct / COMPANY POLICIES

Helps clients strategically integrate effective HR processes, programs and practices into their daily operations

Match job seekers to employers

Ensure business practices are in accordance with human resource policies and labor laws.

Provide company with updated salary and job description information

Provide consultation and guidance to senior management and organizational partners in the interpretation of human resource management policies, procedures, programs and application of related government laws and regulations

Provide advice on discipline process, conduct disciplinary review conferences and advise on appropriate outcomes

Develop employee restructuring plans

Devise severance packages

Participate in the design, development and implementation of innovative workforce retention programs.

Payroll System

Health and safety required by Department of Labor and Employment.

Abet the companies in preventing DOLE and NLRC problems

Compile and construct job description, contract, incident reports , appropriate and needed by business establishment










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