Manpower Services

Neg. Or. Allied Services Co. (Manpower and Janitorial Services ). is registered and licensed as  General allied Services at Securities Exchange Commission, Department of Labor and Employment,  Phil.Gips, Barangay Micro Business Enterprise, SSS/Phil. Health, BIR, and other local/Government agency based in Dumaguete City.

Services We Offered

We Offered

  • Skilled workers, Attendants, Contractual workers, Pump attendants, Cashiers, Clerks, Laborers, Waiters, Service crew, Sales crew or other such related services.

Building Maintenance

  • To provide you with round-the-clock general service maintenance on floors, walls, windows, comfort rooms, and others.

Delivery and Collection

  • We deliver your mails, letters, and bills to your respective clients.

General Cleaning Service on a one-time contractual basis

  • For one time cleaning of building, residence, and offices.For cleaning on a weekly or monthly basis.

Janitorial Maintenance & messenger Management services

  • To provide labor for cleaning and messenger services.
  • To provide cleaning and messenger maintenance services on a contractual basis inclusive of labor, supplies, and equipment.
  • To supply the labor services of our professional cleaning and messenger crew.
  • We provide janitorial services inclusive of equipment and materials or manpower services only.


Janitorial Services

We provide janitorial services inclusive of equipment, supplies, and materials or manpower services only.

Maintenance Service Crew

We provide highly trained, honest, and hardworking clerical personnel to comply with your clerical services.


Clerical Service Crew

We provide you with a competent and honest messenger crew that will deliver your messages, letters, emails, and other door-to-door delivery.

We conduct and organize in any form of event, product sampling, ramp modeling of your products, store openings, record, survey, research, and in any form of manpower pulling for your job opening, recruitments, and job interviews.










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Negros Oriental

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